Two Are Better Than One

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Saturday afternoon included bikini shopping for Red...

and another stop for BDSM gear (details on that another time). She asked what I had planned for our play time. I was thinking about what it would be like to have sex while we were both wearing butt plugs. But who doesn’t like a little suspense, so I replied, “All will be known in due time.” One of my favorite responses.

A few months ago, for my birthday, Red bought me a remote control, vibrating butt plug. Yes…for my ass. I love ass play and prefer something girthy that stretches my ass. While this plug is what I consider small, I played with it a couple of times and I must say, the vibration feels awesome. The first time I tried it, we had company coming over and she could hear it while I sat there. “Ok, you need to take that out or shut it off before our guests arrive,” she insisted.

Something we had not done was having sex while both wearing butt plugs. Red was down for a new experience. We started with rope play. I tied her in a chest harness, kissed her, massaged her body, and got her relaxed. She was ready to get down on all fours, ass up and head down. I spanked her a few times with my hand and then caressed her asshole with lube on my fingers. I warmed her up, penetrating her ass with one finger, then two. There is something primal about putting things in my partner’s ass. I love feeling her from the inside; the way the muscles grip, then loosen. Eventually I inserted her butt plug. It went in easy…I think it is time for a larger one. Then I slid my own butt plug in. I intentionally did it myself because if I let her do it, that would push me to subspace…and I fully planned on doing the fucking tonight. Though, she was eager to use the remote control. “Mmmm…yeah…stronger vibe setting,” I requested after she turned it on.

I took her back to our bed and we had a sensual sex session. We took our time making out before I went down on her. Ask me if I prefer eating pussy over fucking, and there’s a long pause. Honestly, I love it that much and always have. I take my time pleasuring her labia, her clit, and her inner thighs right at the creases of her legs. After a slow building up, I finger her while sucking on her clit. (Yes I washed my hands…just stay focused on the story please.) First one finger, then two, and by the time she started to orgasm, she was clenching so hard that the contraction was forcing my fingers out. I resisted, pressing them in harder, hitting her G-spot. She had two successive deep orgasms.

After that I was so ready to fuck her. First, with her in missionary while I stood bedside, penetrating her deep and hard. Not fast, just strong thrusting. Then doggy style, with her ass at the edge of the bed, fucking her while I was still standing. The view of her round ass, the soles of her feet, toes, and the butt plug were all great visual cues that took me to the edge. I pressed on her butt plug, massaging her ass while I grabbed the rope at the back of her chest harness and used it to pull her into me, fucking her harder. Eventually, I pushed her down on the bed, prone bone while still fucking her and came super hard. The vibration and pressure in my ass, hitting my P-spot, increased the intensity of my orgasm. It went on for a good 30 seconds.

Yah…I guess two butt plugs are better than one. xo

© 2022 Red Hot Red Erotica