About Me

” This is just one window into what turns me on. Come visit, read on, and enjoy the ride into kinky sex with me!”

Nameless, male, and happily married to Red Hot Red. Sexually adventurous, exhibitionist and generally horny. I am into BDSM, Hotwife, female sexual pleasure and I have a female foot fetish. Love to share what makes me tick. Love to find my people.

Writing erotica is an outlet for my overactive sex drive. Often, I have lucid sex dreams around 3am, brain running, making scenarios on its own. Few people who know me are aware of the filthy, perverted thoughts and desires that lurk beneath the surface of my clean cut, strait-laced appearance.

My wife is well-aware of my desire to be strapped to a chair, naked, ball gag in my mouth, while she whispers in my ear that she has a surprise for me…an attractive, well-built man enters the room and proceeds to fuck her like the best she has ever had…needless to say, there is a puddle of my drool on my chest and my desire for her is ravenous. When I am unstrapped, I will sexually devour her.

Nature vs. Nurture?

Is our sexuality shaped by experiences during our life? Or is our sexuality innate to us when we are born? Perhaps a little bit of both. Hopefully, we have sexual experiences over time that confirm what we like as we go…and why would anyone want to miss out on exploring all that fun. I am a fan of more for everyone. If you are a slut…you have my attention and I hope I have yours. xo

From an Early Age...

When I was five, I told my kindergarten teacher that she had nice legs. My teacher said to my mother that she thought maybe she should wear pants from then on. A five-year old…getting in the head of a hot teacher. She should have spanked the naughty out of me.

I was eleven the first time I masturbated. I had no idea what that was. All I knew was, my dick was hard, I was extremely horny, and I was home alone. I remember wearing briefs and a robe, walking around the house, grinding on furniture. It was night, I was in the living room, the curtains were closed, but I wanted to open them…the thought of being seen turned me on more. Eventually I was grinding on my bed and came all over the bedspread. The sensation of my first climax was incredible…then I saw what was coming out of me, thick white liquid…I thought I was dying. I was horrified. Looking back on it, I think it is hysterical. Maybe it was someone with the same experience that coined the French term for orgasm, La Petite Mort (a little death).

At twelve I encountered my first slut…

I was hooked! I was new to the school, she was totally hot, outwardly sexual. We started dating (or whatever that means in 7th grade). Encounters involved kissing, sucking her breasts, hands down her pants, her hands down mine. A few weeks later she was “dating” someone else. I was not upset. I concluded that she liked variety. At the end of the next year, before high school, we were back at it having a summer fling. Lots of making out, I ate her pussy (my first time and my drug of choice for life) and she gave me a blow job. Sadly, we went to different high schools, but she set me on my path to swim at that end of the pool…the deep end…where there is more unknown, adventure and taboo.

High School Love or Just Hot Sex

I had a hiatus… choosing to go to an all-male religious high school… what was I thinking!? By my junior year I started dating another slut and lost my virginity. She was insatiable and wanted to fuck all the time. She had DD breasts and a nonstop vagina. I would eat her, and she would cum her brains out, we would fuck and she would cum her brains out more. She loved anal too.

For Home Coming (high school formal), we skipped the dance, went straight to the pay by the hour motel, with a heart shaped bed and mirrors on the ceiling (all her idea). We fucked 4-hours straight. I came four times. I cannot count how many times she came. When she had her period, she absolutely had to fuck. I had blood on my face, dick, and hands countless times.

She told me about losing her virginity at a younger age. She detailed that his cock was huge. He fucked her pussy, he fucked her ass, she had the big dick experience. I loved hearing her talk about it. I wanted to see her fuck that big dick.

When I told Red Hot Red about losing my virginity, she said, “So you’ve never fucked a virgin?” My first thought and the words out of my mouth were, “Why would I want to fuck a virgin?”

Hotwife Desires

My dick is average. Every girl I have dated has talked about their Ex with the big dick. It is such a turn on to me, to listen to women talk about their big dick experience. It is always the same, they almost get quiet, the thought of it is clearly taking them there, almost in a trance. The words become almost a whisper…” He…had…a big…dick.” They almost get flushed saying it. Clearly, they miss the big dick. It is sooo fucking hot. There is nothing hotter to me than seeing a woman get turned on, in the throes of passion, fucking, and climaxing. I do not mean to put pressure on you ladies but…yeah…more female orgasm!

Back to the nature vs. nurture question, I have had kinky itches for my whole life. When Red Hot Red and I first started dating, we lived in different cities and would stay with each other on the weekends. Before we were exclusive, we met up one Saturday afternoon and we started to get intimate. Though, something was different. She was guarded which seemed unusual. As I absolutely love to do, I started to go down on her. She awkwardly pulled away. This was unusual because she really loved that I would eat her, and she would always climax. I instinctively knew that she had been with another guy, and she did not want me to put my face in it. This made me want her even more and I wrapped my arms under her legs, pulled her pussy to my face ate her like I meant it. I really did not notice anything different, like cum in her pussy or being all stretched out.

Everything was ok, she relaxed, she came, and we had fun.

I did not ask her about it, and she did not say anything. Though, after we were married, I found out that yes, she had fucked another guy that she was also dating before she saw me that Saturday. She also shared with me that he was really hung. When she confessed that to me, her voice waivered, like she was getting weak in the knees just saying it. “He had a big dick,” the words hung on her lips.

I so badly want to see her fuck a big cock. I want to see her get lost in it…whimpering…gasping…loving it…needing it. I love sluts. I love when women are free to embrace their sexuality. It is intoxicating to me. I believe every girl deep down is a size queen or is at least turned on by the thought. They should get what they need. My Hotwife desires are always there…and I cannot explain why. We do not choose our turn-ons. Our turn-ons choose us.