They Desired Her Feet

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Pretty, female feet are largely underrated

and deserve acknowledgement as an important feature of overall feminine beauty. I enjoy conversations with my favorite foot model. Especially learning what her and her hubby are into. I wrote this for them:

She looked down at her freshly pedicured feet. She loved the way the red polish made her feel…sophisticated, sexy, beautiful, slutty…calling out for attention. Not that her feet needed more attention. Her whole life she knew how beautiful they were…men and women alike would stare. She took pleasure that her feet aroused and even tormented so many men…her husband most of all.

They had been busy, too busy

with everyday life and she was ready for a break…a nice warm tropical place to enjoy some personal time with her hubby. They arrived, unpacked, and she was ready to explore the beautiful island resort. It was a surprise trip that he had planned…she did not know where they were going until they arrived. She loved that he treated her like a queen…like no one else mattered. Though he could be demanding, and he knew how to take control and dominate her. Sometimes it confused her…one moment she felt like a queen, able to make him do her bidding…and the next moment she felt like his bitch. It was a pendulum of mental control; one moment she knew how to wrap him around her finger and the next moment she found herself submitting to his desires…losing control…hating it…yet at the same time getting lost in it and loving the feeling of submitting to him.

She put on a cute sundress and sandals, and they spent some time walking around and exploring the resort. There were beautiful pools, beaches with white sand, several spas and private areas on the beach that had a feeling of being very exclusive…perhaps taboo.

He had arranged a meeting with the Concierge to provide them details of what the resort had to offer, how it was unique, and how they would like to spend their time. The Concierge was a young petit woman. Her dark features, pretty face, and slight accent had an exotic appeal. In situations like this, her husband could be flirty, which would make her jealous. The Concierge was warm, inviting, and focused mostly on her as they spoke. The Concierge described the various pools, spa services, restaurants, and beaches. The Concierge then told her that she was beautiful, and looking down, she commented on her pretty, pedicured feet. She blushed a bit at how the Concierge made her feel special. “Your husband is a lucky man”, the Concierge said with a smile. “Which brings us to the private areas of the resort.” She then went on to describe that they could reserve a private area to do anything that they wished. After you have been enjoying the resort for a day or two, you will want to partake. The private areas are where our guests relax and fulfill their fantasies. She was not sure what to make of this and glanced at her husband. He had a knowing look on his face, like he had something planned.

The next day they spent exploring everything

and enjoying every minute. The resort had great energy and the guests were very friendly. She did not give it too much thought but there were quite a few very attractive men. She got a lot of friendly smiles and several men had warmly engaged in conversation with them. They lounged on the beach, and she loved the attention she got from her husband and the others. She felt sexy, flirty in her bikini and bare feet. It was starting to feel like a party with friends. She was excited to hear that the party would continue into the evening with dinner, drinks, and dancing.

Her husband took her back to their room to relax before the evening. He surprised her with newly purchased attire for her to wear, consisting of a tasteful yet revealing black dress, a beautiful shimmering necklace, bracelet, and earing set that matched and a stunning pair of heels. “Wow!”, she exclaimed, “You spoil me.” “Well, you are the most beautiful woman, by far. Nothing wrong with a few accessories to flaunt that,” he replied.

With the beach, the fun, and the spoiling, she was feeling highly aroused.

He pulled her into the shower and proceeded to kiss her deeply. His hands knew where to go and with the feel of the warm water she now badly wanted to have sex. They kissed more and she reached for his genitals, but he restrained her, turned her to the wall, pressed his chest into her back and his pelvis into her ass. She could feel his cock swelling against her. He kissed her neck and with one hand grasping her breast, the other hand caressed her vulva and clit. The sensation pleasured her, and a barely audible moan escaped her. He whispered in her ear while pleasuring her, “You know, we were talking about you”, he said. “They were saying you are so desirable…sexy…and have the most beautiful feet…”. She did not know if he was serious, but she was highly aroused. She knew how much he loved her feet and would sometimes tease her that other men wanted to fuck them. The thought of it made her horny. It might seem odd to some, but it was their thing…he would tease her, saying that he would make her his whore by letting other men pay him to fuck her feet. She recalled that he was talking to the others at the beach…and they were looking for her way. He kissed her neck some more and as he started to finger her, he whispered, “I’m certain that they would very much like to fuck your feet…would you like that?” She confessed in a whisper and a nod that she would like that. She loved being the object of desire, especially when men could not look away from her. He held her up against the wall of the shower. The way his hands knew how to touch her, she felt her arousal quickly building. “Well maybe someone will join us in the private area this evening,” he said. Her heart sped up…was he serious? She was not sure, but she loved the unknowing…it made her feel…submissive. He was taking control. She started to feel weak in the knees. He held her up and continued to pleasure her. He was gently biting her neck, fondling her breasts, rubbing her clit and fingering her all at once.

Then, he abruptly shut off the water and stated, “let’s get ready for the evening.” He took a towel and draped it around her. She was confused…she expected him to fuck her in the shower or have her kneel before him to pleasure him. She looked at his swollen cock, not upright, but hanging engorged, thick between his legs. She wanted it. She looked up at him…he knew…,” You’ll have to wait until tonight…not until I say…then I will fuck your pussy, I will fuck your mouth and I will fuck you how I want. Now prepare yourself for the evening,” he instructed.

As they entered the club, she was nervous with anticipation

about what he had whispered in her ear while they showered. He walked with pride and confidence with this beautiful woman on his arm. She felt glamorous with her new black dress, jewelry, and heels. Heads were turning to look their way. They were seated, had drinks, dinner, and danced, reconvening with some of the people they met on the beach. It started to feel like a party with friends again.

At one point he insisted that she dance with one of the men they were having fun with. He was tall, attractive, and very gentlemanly. She was feeling like a queen and at the same time she was submitting to her husband’s control. She wanted to obey him…to please him…all while feeling like the most desired woman at the resort.

By now she was looking forward to what they might experience in the private area her husband had reserved. She was horny thinking about what he did to her earlier in the shower and the dirty things he said to her. There was a cabana set up on the beach not far from the party. It was large, the size of a living room. It was dimly lit with candles, yet she could make out what looked like a massage table, a chaise lounge, lounge chairs and fragrant flowers enhancing the mood.  She could hear the waves breaking and the faint music and commotion of the party. There was a warm breeze that felt electric on her skin. She was feeling very sexy in her party dress. He poured her a drink and she reclined on the chaise lounge. He sat next to her, and she turned to kiss him. He was a good kisser, and he knew how to caress her lips like they were velvet pillows. He gently sucked her tongue while holding her jaw with one hand and pulling her closer with the other. The way he slowly sucked her tongue was one of the things she loved, and it made her like he was taking her. She tingled.

“I have some things planned for us this evening."

“You may have questions; however, I will not answer, and you must do as I say. All will be known in due time,” he said. She felt his dominance. It was intoxicating to her. Making her want to do whatever he demanded of her. Even though there was a sense of unknown and perhaps danger, she was lost in the excitement. He took off his shirt and instructed her to take off her shoes and her dress. She complied. He led her to the massage table, instructed her to turn around. He hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear, “Do you trust me?” She was trembling with anticipation. She wanted him to continue. “Yes…I trust you,” she whispered back. He took out a black cloth and proceeded to cover her eyes, blindfolding her. He caressed her skin, removed her bra and panties, and he instructed her to lay face down on the massage table. The table was covered with a fine sheet and was cool against her skin. “Our friend will be joining us now”, he said. “You aren’t to make a sound”, he commanded her. She could hear someone enter the cabana. “Good, you’ve arrived at the right moment”, her husband said. “Thank you for inviting me,” the man replied. The voice was familiar; indeed, it was the man that they had befriended, with whom she had danced. Then without another word she felt warm oil dripping on her back. Her husband started to rub the oil across her back, arms, and neck. Then more on her bare ass, legs and down to her feet. Again, he whispered in her ear…” We are going to massage you.” Her heart sped up, she felt his hands sensuously massaging her back…then she felt a second pair of hands massaging her feet and legs. They were strong hands…a man’s hands…she gasped with excitement. She had never experienced the sensation of two men massaging her, and certainly no man had touched her since she was married. She loved the physical feeling of the hands, and she loved the excitement of having two men pleasure her…and the submission of doing what her husband told her. It felt taboo and sensuous. There was an element of danger with a strange man, yet the safety of her husband’s presence. This went on for some time. They both enjoyed exploring her body. Nothing was off limits to their hands. She felt like a slut and a Goddess all at once.

Then her husband instructed her to stand. This felt so erotic to her, she was blindfolded, naked, another man was seeing her. Her husband asked the man, “what do you think of her?” He replied, “she is incredibly beautiful. She is so desirable, her feet are amazing, perfect.” Then her husband whispered in her ear, “would you like him to fuck your feet?” She whispered and nodded her head, “Yes”. Her voice was barely a whisper and wavering with excitement. Her stomach had butterflies like she was plummeting down a roller coaster.

Her husband led her across the room,

stopped, turned her around and started to kiss her again. She could feel his warm naked body. Her head was racing. She thought of how badly she had wanted sex earlier in the shower, and he had denied her. Now she could feel his cock swelling against her as they kissed. She reached down to grasp his cock, not knowing if he would allow her. He allowed her. With his swelling cock now in her hands, she wanted to pleasure him. She knelt, caressed him, and took his cock in her mouth. She was surprised that knowing there was another watching aroused her more. Her mouth was watering, she slobbered on him and made noises of desire. He encouraged her. “That is so sexy when those moans escape you.”

He pushed her back on the chaise lounge, grasped her ankles and licked her pussy. He stroked her inner thighs, sucked, and licked her vulva like he was making out with it, then proceeded to fuck her. While he was fucking her, she felt their friend grasp her ankles, pull her legs a bit wider apart. She was lost in the submission and started to cum. She was barely finished when her husband, straddling her, on his knees, walked himself up to her mouth and pressed his cock into her mouth. She was so horny, so lost in the submission, it felt like he was using her mouth and she wanted him in her mouth. Now she could feel their friend start to fuck her feet while her husband was fucking her mouth.

The man’s cock felt long and thick against her toes. He paused, kissed the soles and tops of her feet, then rubbed some more oil on her feet. He rubbed his cock over her soles and across her toes. She could feel the veins on his thick shaft, and her toes slid onto his meaty glans. She loved the feeling of her husband’s cock in her mouth and another man’s cock between her feet. The man held her feet together and stoked the full length of his cock in and out between the balls of her feet and her toes.

Her husband then instructed her, “Show us how you like to pleasure yourself.”

He dribbled some more oil on her pubis. “Masturbate for us,” he said. She proceeded to rub the oil into her pubis, slid her fingers down to her clit and vulva with circular rubbing motions. The sensations all at once created arousal that she had not felt before. The submission was euphoric…two men wanting her, two cocks using her for pleasure, the oral sensation in her mouth, the feeling on her feet, the blindfold, a stranger watching her husband fuck her, and now watching her pleasure herself, her genitals in full view…she orgasmed for what felt like minutes. She was breathless, sweaty, and sexually exhausted.

The man whispered, “Ohh…fuck…that was so hot…” and came all over her feet. She felt ropes of his warm cum hitting her ankles, feet, and toes. He rubbed his cock across her toes more and was satisfied.

Then her husband flipped her over on her stomach. He straddled her and slid his rock, hard cock back in her pussy. She could feel his cock swelling and as he started to cum, he finished on her ass. She could feel their friend’s cum dripping from her feet and ankles, and now her husband’s cum dripping down her bare ass. He lay on top of her, pressing his chest into her back. He whispered in her ear, “You’ll always be my bitch.”

She did not realize but their friend had departed, leaving them alone. The cabana had a shower and her husband rinsed her, towel her off, draped the sheet around them, and embraced her to provide her mental aftercare. He encouraged her and thanked her for trusting him. She confided that she very much enjoyed the experience and loved the feeling of being his bitch.

Their vacation had just begun. What else did he have planned for her. She thought of all the attractive men at the resort. Her imagination started to run wild…

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