The Rosie Room

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One of my favorite sexy online creators

fantasizes about being the center of attention in a group sex scenario. I wrote this for her: Rosie was known for her parties. They called her Queen of the Hotwives. Her sexual prowess was legendary. Men and women alike would go to great lengths to be invited. Those of the inner circle, who were regulars, enjoyed the best sex one could experience. 

Rosie was sweet and humble, the girl next door, though when she walked into the room…it was electrified. The women who were regulars all had something special to offer. And the men…had to please her if they wanted the opportunity to return. She would typically have three to five (sometimes more) new Bulls waiting for her in what was called the “Rosie Room”. They were required to be of impressive stature and hung more than sufficiently enough to give pleasure to any woman. Though, physical attributes were merely a base line for admittance. If one were to pass her test, Rosie required a man dominant enough to trigger her submissiveness, to have staying power while fucking, and to fully understand a woman’s body.

When Rosie entered the room,

she would instruct the men to strip…and the test would begin. Once they were stripped, she would eye them. Her up and down glances devouring them. If one was awkward, unsure, clearly they lacked confidence and missed the first mark. For those who were aroused, cocks swelling, they had potential. On occasion, some would be rock-hard, and she granted an immediate invitation to play. Sometimes multiple men…sometimes just one. She would tell the others to leave, and for those remaining the fucking would begin. 

No one else was allowed in the room…only Rosie and her chosen Bulls. The doorway would be crowded, everyone wanted to see the Queen fucking in her glory. She would never disappoint. For those who brought her to orgasm were granted admission. The other ladies eagerly awaited. Long live the Queen.

Image: u/ginger_knickers

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