The Pleasure In Her Body

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We were talking about her sexuality. The best sex is when Red gets in her body, focused on her pleasure.

She was on her stomach while I massaged her. I instructed her to reach back, spread her cheeks and show me her asshole. She did. I rubbed her ass, then bit, licked and sucked on her ass cheeks. Then told her to spread her labia. She did. I told her how beautiful her body is, how much I like to see it. I started rubbing her vulva, put fingers in my mouth, then rubbed her vulva more, getting her wet. I told her to roll over on her back, spread her legs, and to spread her labia again. She did. I ate her. I took my time, sucking her labia, sucking her vaginal opening while pressing my tongue in, and sucking on her clit, making all her parts wet.

Then I fucked her. Long stroking, grinding, kissing her, putting my hands under her head, and gently pressing her face it into my chest. Changing positions, I put my arms under her hips and in one motion, pulled her to the edge of the bed. I spread her legs and ate her some more. She wanted to suck my cock. She sat up at the edge of the bed as I stood in front of her. She took my cock in her mouth, I held her hair, and she worked me. I was rock hard and wanted to fuck more. I told her to lie back, missionary, then fucked her while I was standing, and she lie at the edge of the bed, legs in the air. I told her to touch herself. She started to masturbate, using both hands, rubbing her clit in circular motions, while I fucked her harder. She was flush in the face, holding her breath, her vagina contracted and gripped my cock, she came.

Pressing my hands into her chest and continuing to fuck her hard, she kept rubbing her clit and cumming. This is what I mean when I say I enjoy when she is in her body. She was focused on the sensations and touching herself the way she likes. It is truly beautiful when a woman focuses on her own sexuality, what feels good and to do so with no inhibition. In this state, her orgasms come in waves and just seem to go on for a long time. Sucking her nipples while in this state helps extend her orgasm.

When she had enough, I told her to get doggy style. She did. Her ass perfectly round, presented to me. Her pussy was gaping open. I put lube on my cock and fucked her more. I rubbed lube on her ass as I fucked her. She reached back and started rubbing her asshole with the lube, while I fucked her. I was getting close, I pushed her on the bed, on top of her, and finished prone bone. I came hard and heavy. I lay on top of her. We were sweaty and she was full of my cum.

© 2022 Red Hot Red Erotica