The Art of Female Pleasure

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Her orgasms are important.

She doesn’t always orgasm, which is ok. Though when she does orgasm, I feel validation. Is this my ego? Yes. But in my defense, it is sooo satisfying to please her, and last night was an ego trip.

I was in bed, waiting for her to join me. I had nothing planned, though I decided to put on a silicon cock ring that I have not worn in some time. When she joined me, I was warm and hard. She noticed, purred and stroked my cock. She took delight that I was hard before she got into bed.

Her toy was ready. Yes, I like to be objectified.

While she stroked my cock, we made out, kissing deeply. Rolling her onto her stomach, I took my time rubbing my cock against her vulva and clit, rubbing her back and petting her. For us, sensual sex includes lots of teasing. I put a generous amount of lube on her and slowly slide my hard cock across her girl parts, into the opening of her vagina, out again and all around. I repeated that until she needed to feel all of me inside her. I pressed my hands into her shoulder blades, pushing her into the bed as I started fucking her deeper.

There is nuance, art really, to finding the right pace, right pressure, and putting her mind into surrender. At the right moment, I turned her to her side, repositioning and continuing to fuck her sensually. I pressed her body and her head into the mattress with my hands and body weight. Her moans of pleasure were my cue to increase the intensity, to be more dominate. I rolled her onto her back, missionary, and started fucking her hard, while rubbing her clit with my fingers at the same time.

My pace was methodical, continual, and she went off with multiple orgasms.

Her clit would be rock hard against my fingers, then go limp for a moment before getting hard again. She likes a lot of constant pressure on her clit while she’s getting pounded.

 As her orgasms subsided, I pulled her to the edge of the bed, knelt on the floor, lubed my hand, and rubbed my palm and fingers against her vulva and clit.

The sounds were sloppy, and her pussy was a wet mess.

As she was building to another orgasm, and I started to eat and finger her. She had an intense set of orgasms, seven to ten in a row that lasted for a good five minutes. She was gasping, her pussy gaping open, clenching and releasing, and her clit rock hard. I sucked her nipples and breasts, continued to finger her while she rubbed her clit and had more orgasms. After she recovered, I fucked her mouth, fucked her while I was standing, and she was missionary at the edge of the bed. Finally, she was on all fours, ass up and I fucked her doggy until I came. Super intense session that started low key and ended with me feeling like a skilled porn star. Tongue in cheek, I could have taken a bow.

© 2023 Red Hot Red Erotica