Take Her

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Sunday morning, I nuzzled against Red with an erection.

She got up to pee and brush her teeth. She had tennis plans, though I thought she would come back to bed. Then I noticed she was dressing. I went to the master bath to give her an innocent, “I thought you were coming back to bed?” She eyed my erection. You will have to pleasure yourself, or wait for tonight, or both, she teased. I caressed her, got down on the floor, put my face between her legs to her pussy and was overcome be her scent, sweet, strong, arousing, so sexy. Her aroma makes me ravenous. She backed away, knowing that I was going to enjoy more than she wanted me to. Wanting to take her. I coaxed her, “Baby, just give me a little scent.” She relented, I wrapped my arms around her thighs, pressed my nose to her genitals and inhaled deeply. (Do we men come across as drug addicts when we do this?) 

Then I picked her up, bear hugging her thighs, just below her ass. She could not get away. I walked down the hall as she helplessly laughed and told me, “NO!”. She tried to grab the entryway to the hall between the master bath and the master bedroom. I simple turned sideways and she lost her grip. I carried her to our bed, threw her down, spread her legs, pushing her knees up to her shoulders, pressing my hands into the backside of her knees, pinning her there and started to lick her pussy. She moaned. She smells so good, her sweet hole and vulva glistening, I rub my cock on her wetness and kiss her. She is pleading, “I have to go.” She sits up and tries to scurry away. I grab her wrists, back her to the wall, press my weight against her and kiss her some more.

My dominate side wants to ignore her plea and take her, though we did not negotiate this scene. Also, I know that with something on her schedule, she will not be able to cum if I were to persist. I do not like it when she does not cum. I grab her ass. “Tonight, this ass is mine,” I tell her. She smiles.

© 2022 Red Hot Red Erotica