Sunday Service, Eating Ass

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Sunday morning, I was feeling kinky.

We lie on our sides facing each other, making out, squeezing body parts, and petting each other. I like breast play while lying on side. Something about how gravity pulls on them in that position is super sexy. Though I was in the mood for something more dominant, rougher. 

I want to eat your ass I declared. With no protest, Red was bent over the bathroom counter, while I took my time washing her ass and lovingly patting it dry. After giving her ass cheeks some firm smacks, and kissing them, I turned her back around, gently grasped her jawline, pulled her close and kissed her. My kiss was not sensual – it was carnal.

She quickly found herself on all fours, kneeling on the bed and I devoured her, eating her ass and her pussy. I was playfully gnawing at and rubbing my facial stubble across her ass cheeks, licking her asshole, tongue fucking her vagina and sucking on her clit.

When she started to moan, I paddled her, fucked her doggy style, hard, while rimming her asshole with my fingers. As I fucked her, I was grabbing her hips to thrust hard and slapping her ass in between.

Watching her slip into a deeper submissive state, I pushed her onto the bed prone bone, grabbed her by the throat, playfully biting at her neck and face while fucking her. I was choking her with my right hand, put my left hand under her hips to rub her clit and kept fucking her. Her cunt was dripping wet, her eyes closed, her mouth open, her face flushed, and her clit was throbbing hard. “You’re mine,” I growled in her ear.

Red is multi-orgasmic in this state. I flipped her over and ate her pussy while fingered her G spot. She came three times in succession. After climaxing, she needed to suck my cock. I held her hair and watched her work my shaft and suck on my balls. By the time I was back fucking her missionary, it only took a couple more minutes and I filled her pussy with my cum. I finished our session by cleaning her gaping hole with my mouth. Rough, kinky, and hot…the best kind of Sunday service.

© 2022 Red Hot Red Erotica