She Doesn’t Tell Me Who…

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Are you turned on with Hotwife/Cuckoldress kink?

Do you talk to your partner about these kinks? Red knows all about my kinks. She knows my dick gets hard when I just think about her being a slut…

She might send me a text: “Later this afternoon, I am hooking up with one of my Bulls. Going over to his place. You do not need to know who it is, because I rather like the idea of you not knowing who will be fucking your wife this afternoon. See you tonight!” Or maybe she will make me watch as she fucks someone.

Friday night we were watching a Q&A video from Rosie, one of my favorites on OF. Rosie was recanting her recent experience at a sex club with her partner. She was getting fucked from behind by someone she had just met (he had a long, thick cock) and at the same time she was giving her partner a blow job. She was also sharing that a gang bang is on her wish list.

Image: u/ginger_knickers

Saturday morning, lying in bed, I was fantasizing about being with Rosie in a sex club scenario. She invites me and has me sit across the room to watch her gang bang. Then, after she is satisfied, she signals for me to come to her…to crawl across the floor and feast on her freshly fucked pussy.

Meanwhile, as I lie there, Red came to kiss me good morning and noticed my erection. I told her of my fantasy. As I told her the story, she was kneeling on the floor petting our dog and I was standing a few feet away with my erection. She came over to me on her knees and teased my cock in her mouth, sucked on my balls, and then said I would have to wait till later and she left to go to her scheduled massage. I love tease and denial, though we had sex later that day. Then the next morning she gave me a sloppy blow job and then surprised me with a snowball. Fuck, I love when Red gets kinky. xo

© 2022 Red Hot Red Erotica