Sex Party Masochism

© 2022 Red Hot Red Erotica 

We are at a sex party together.

You set rules that I must obey. I am not allowed to play with anyone except you. I am not allowed to self-pleasure. I must ask and receive your permission to have sex with you. I must stay by your side…not allowed to wander off. 

All the men at the party want to have sex with you. You are turning heads the moment we arrive. You are the most attractive, desired woman at the party. You are so horny and turned on by the many attractive males and their desire for you, that your pussy is dripping. 

You are fucking one man after the other…I wait patiently, asking you…you keep telling me not yet. A couple hours go by…I have watched you fucking more than ten men. You have been moaning, whimpering, getting stretched, double penetrated, and cumming your brains out. There is cum dripping from your mouth, from you pussy, from your ass. You are exhausted and too sensitive to take any more. You tell me, “Take me home…I’ve had enough sex for the night.”

…I am such a masochist. I love tease and denial…

© 2022 Red Hot Red Erotica