Sex Club with Sabrina

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Prelude: Our last fantasy date left me and Sabrina horny for more.

Sabrina is creative, highly sexual, and beautiful. As I write this, I am scrolling through her media feed and I am getting very distracted, I mean inspired, to write our next story. Though I may have to take a moment to pleasure myself…she is sooo hot!

Where was I…oh yeah…so we were talking about our next adventure. I suggested a sex club and she agreed. What I want to provide Sabrina is a balance of being adored and being used, feeling safe and feeling vulnerable, and hopefully getting her rocks off. It goes like this:

I called Sabrina to ask if she was available for an evening of fun. She said yes and asked what I had planned. “I want to surprise you, so all I want to say is that we will be dancing, it will be sexually charged, we will get naked with friends, and you will be the center of attention,” I replied. She was excited and asked questions. Knowing that she is game for an adventure, I wanted to keep her guessing and simply said, “All will be known in due time. Please wear something that makes you feel sexy.”

Saturday arrived and I was on my way to pick her up. She answered the door and my jaw dropped. 

She was wearing leather booty shorts, fish nets, and a leather halter.

She was debating between thigh high boots and high heels. Either way, all I knew was I had to get her out the door quickly before I devoured her right there on the spot. She decided on the heels to make the look more commanding with height. With the heels she stood about 6 feet tall. Next to my 6’ 4”, there was a lot of flesh to draw attention.

We arrived at the neon lights of the sex club. As Sabrina stepped out of the car, heads turned. Men and women were mesmerized by this tall beauty’s presence. I took her by the hand, and we strode into the club. The host greeted us, and I introduced Sabrina to her. I asked if all was in order. She confirmed that we had a reserved play area and said, “Sabrina, you are beautiful. The two of you make a handsome couple…I am certain you will have many potential guests.” Sabrina raised an eyebrow, “potential guests?” she repeated to me. “Yes, I am sure you will have your pick,” I replied. Her expression was a mix of wanting to know more and excitement of not knowing.  

We ordered drinks and sat in the lounge area, talking, taking in the atmosphere and people watching. It was sexy, inviting, and colorful to say the least. “Where are these, guests?” she asked as she nuzzled against me. As we kissed, I suggested that we would meet them while dancing.

I led her to the dance floor and could feel sexual energy exuding from her…

I knew she would draw a crowd. Before long, others were introducing themselves as we danced. One particularly attractive couple was very engaging. They assertively let us know that they would like to play. Both could not take their eyes off Sabrina. I whispered in Sabrina’s ear, “I think she wants to play with you.” By the look on Sabrina’s face and the movement of her body, I knew she was horny and ready to play. These were good-looking people and there was serious chemistry going on.

Sabrina eyed other men as we danced. “You are looking desirous. Would you like them to join us in the play area?” I asked. She smiled and gave me a big nod yes.

Before long, everyone was visibly horny and wanting to play. We went back to the lounge to talk with the couple we met and made our way to the play area. I kissed Sabrina passionately. Our new female friend wasted no time asking Sabrina if she could kiss her too. Sabrina looked at me and our male friend and teased, “You want to watch us kiss, don’t you?” The woman was assertive. She had Sabrina sit on the play bed, and stood in front of Sabrina, kissing her. The sight of their soft lips and tongues caressing each other was one of the hottest things I have seen. The female energy was off the chart. Sabrina reclined on the bed as the women continued to kiss her. “I think we need to join in,” I suggested to our male friend. He leaned in, kissed his partner, then kissed Sabrina, and the couple took turns kissing and fondling Sabrina’s breasts while I spread Sabrina’s legs and bit at her pubis and thighs through her booty shorts and then coaxed them down around her ankles. Sabrina’s hands grasped the woman’s breasts and the man’s genitals and the three of us worked Sabrina into a hot mess.

By the time I got my mouth on her vulva she was dripping wet. Sabrina’s scent is intoxicating.

Once I start eating her, it is near impossible to stop. Our female friend made her way down to join me between Sabrina’s legs while the man continued kissing her.

My erection could wait no longer. I desperately wanted to feel her mouth. She was eager to take me. Her tongue caressed of my cock and she sucked as much of me into her mouth that would fit. I felt my cock at the back of her throat, then it opened, taking all of me.

The man was now stroking his sizable cock. Sabrina turned on her side so he could spoon with her, pressing his cock against her vulva from behind. As he penetrated her, she gasped, and he slowly fucked her, warming her up. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to mind fuck her with pleasure, I had the woman hold Sabrina’s top leg, making room for me to lick and suck Sabrina’s clit while she was being fucked from behind. Her clit was rock hard between my lips as I stroked my tongue back and forth and his cock penetrated her. Her moans were primal, and she had an intense orgasm.

We changed positions, Sabrina now in missionary, and I took a turn fucking her. Our female friend sat on Sabrina’s face while her partner stood in front of her with his cock in her mouth. Sabrina was taking the face riding like a champ. Sabrina’s vagina was clenching my cock and she vigorously rubbed her clit for another orgasm. By now her halter top was off and her beautiful breasts were bouncing with my thrusts. I caressed them, sucking as much of her breasts into my mouth. I swear I could feel her erect nipples at the back of my throat. By now our male friend and I were ready to cum, and we both finished on Sabrina’s breasts.

I rubbed the warm cum on her, massaging her breasts, and kissed her.

Two of the other men that had danced with Sabrina had made their way to our play area. “Sabrina, you have some others that would like to join in, would you like that?” I asked. She was drunk on sex, clearly wanting more. While Sabrina got acquainted with her new guests. The couple and I sat back to watch them play. Both gents knew what they were doing and gave her a good dicking. She climbed on top of one, riding him, while the other took her ass from behind. Both men were thickly hung and penetrated her holes, giving her a stretching fullness that she desired. By the time they were finished with her, she had squirted all over our play bed. Nary a dry spot to be found.

She had cum dripping from both holes and a satisfied look on her face.

“Such a naughty girl. It’s time to take you home.” I was still horny and wanted to devour her again with some solo play. I can never get enough of Sabrina. xo

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