Seduction Starts Here: Put Your Panties On

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We were lying in bed, naked, making out. “I want you to put on your panties,” I said to her.

We were both horny and I wanted to slow her down, to tease her.  She did not protest. I found her red, lace G-string on the floor, from the night before. She got out of bed, put them on, modeling them for me.

She turned to show me her derrière, bending over to accentuate its round and luscious shape.

I stroked her soft skin, feeling her curves.

She slipped back under the covers, and we continued our passionate make out session. We took turns sucking each other’s tongues and lips.  I rolled her on her back and straddled over her with one knee between her legs, pressing against her vulva. I caressed her breasts, squeezing, gently biting them, and licking her nipples. I kissed her more and she fondled my cock with her fingers. Not stroking and pulling, just sensually rubbing her fingertips across my frenulum, around the head and balls with light touch.

I would not be distracted from what I had planned (and Red is very good at distracting me in the bedroom). Slowly I made my way under the covers. She could no longer reach my cock as I went down on her.

She knew what was next...she spread her legs for me.

I kissed her inner thighs, gently touching and licking inside the crease of her leg, not yet upon her vulva. While teasing her there, I pulled her panties snug against her vulva, slowly tugging them up and down, while making circles with my tongue ever so closer to her labia. The first caress of my wet tongue across her inner lips made her gasp. Now, with her G-string pulled snuggly between her lips, I moved the fabric back and forth across her clit while licking her exposed parts, stroking my tongue on either side of her labia. She was starting to drip with wetness.

Making my way back up, I kissed her again, pulled her panties aside to rub my hard cock across her wet vulva, and slide it into her wet cunt. She moaned. I pressed my chest against her and slowly fucked her, grinding my pubis against her vulva, rocking my hips side to side as I fully entered her. She reached her hands around me, grabbing my ass, pull me against her harder, moving her hips in a stroking motion. She wanted her orgasm.

I pulled her to the edge of the bed on her back, took off the panties, pressed her knees up toward her shoulders, fully exposing her glistening pussy. I stood over her, rubbing my cock firmly in circular motions against her vulva and clit. Her face was flushed, she closed her eyes and had a series of orgasms as I continued rubbing my hard cock across her clit, pausing to press the head of my cock in, pulling out, and circling more.

When Red gets to this level of arousal, I love to keep it going. I went down on her again, now eating her and fingering her G-spot. Now, with her all warmed up, I finger her with more pressure and she came harder. Her pussy clenched down on my fingers, resisting, then loosened, and gaped opened as she orgasmed. The clenching, releasing, and orgasming kept going.

After Red orgasms, she wants to be kissed. I used a generous amount of lube on my hand and continued rubbing my hand around her vulva while sucking her breasts and kissing her. Her clit was engorged and continued to rage hard from my hand job as we kissed.

Red enjoys sucking cock, and after intense orgasms, she needs something in her mouth. She didn’t use words, but rather made sounds like she was famished and needed to eat. She eagerly took my cock in her mouth, pleasuring me. I grasped her by the throat, kissed her deeply, then flipped her over to fuck her doggy style. The visual of her beautiful round ass, and my cock penetrating her hot pussy, hit all my buttons. It wasn’t long before I filled her with cum. Then pushed her onto the bed spooning and slow fucking as waves of orgasms continued to wash over me. We stayed there, basking in the afterglow.

Her panties were back where they belonged, on the floor. xo

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