Owning Her For The Evening

Image: Sabrina Dacos ©

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One ass cheek was red from paddling...

Her other ass cheek had a distinct bite mark. Not broken skin, just a deep imprint of my teeth. Reminders that I owned her for the evening. She was bent over at my request. The sight of her round hips made my cock hard. Her pussy was dripping. We had just begun…

My hand grasped Sabrina’s throat as I kissed her passionately. She was attentive and followed my hand signals to kneel on the floor and put her ass up. Wearing only a pair of thong panties, her pussy lips engulfed the thin strip of fabric that was now visibly wet. I pulled the fabric aside and rubbed my fingers against her vulva. They were instantly slick with her wetness. I put my fingers in her mouth. She sucked them. “Good girl. You like the taste of your pussy, don’t you?” I asked. “Yes,” she replied in a quiet voice.  

Come sit on the bed,” I invited. From the bedside drawer I pulled several bundles of rope, dildos, a magic wand, nipple clamps, a butt plug, and lube. “I am going to tie you and have my way with you,” I said as I gathered her long hair and put it in a hair tie while working the ropes on her. First a chest harness, tight, squeezing her breasts. Her nipples are a beautiful dark red and call out to be stimulated. I am busy tying her, so only circle my fingertips around her breasts, leaving her nipples for what is to come later. Next, I tie her upper and lower legs putting her in an open crab position and column tie her arms to her legs. I push her back, so she is lying missionary, legs splayed open. She is incapacitated.

I take my time exploring her body, teasing her. I warm her breasts with my hands and mouth eventually getting to her nipples. I suck them into my mouth and squeeze and pull them with my fingers. I kiss her and suck on her tongue, then straddle her, putting my cock in her mouth. As my cock grows harder, I start to fuck her mouth, stopping to kiss her in between. The way she is tied, I can move her about as I please. “I want to taste you,” I say, while pulling her to the edge of the bed. I pull her thong aside, run my lips and tongue across her inner thighs and vulva, gently licking and biting but not yet touching her vaginal opening or clit. Her pussy continues to drip and now I cannot resist pressing my tongue into her cunt and sucking on her clit. After a few minutes of only my mouth, I start rubbing her G spot with a finger, then two while licking and sucking her clit. She gasps as a climax washes over her.

I flip her over. My view is the soles of her feet, her ass presented to me, her wrists tied to her lower legs so her chest and face stay resting on the bed. I kiss her ass and paddle her with my hand. Both cheeks are now red. I rub and kiss her ass in between giving her some relief. After paddling her, I start to eat her ass. She has a beautiful asshole and loves to have it penetrated. I lube up the butt plug and work it into her ass.

Image: Sabrina Dacos ©

It is time for suspension. I untie her wrists from her legs, then tie suspension ropes to her wrists, the chest harness, and the crab ties. There are eye hooks in the ceiling rafters near the bed. I suspend her in missionary position and clasp the nipple clamps to the rope where she can see them. Her head is elevated higher than her hips. Her head is level with my hips while I am standing. I spin her to use her mouth again for my pleasure. When fully erect, I pull the suspension ropes higher, spin her around, and penetrate her, using the ropes as a swing to fuck her, pulling her to me with a steady motion. I match my thrusts with her swinging body weight. With each penetration our pubic bones pound together. In between, I grind against her vulva with a circular motion.

Part of the thrill of suspension is that she has no control over the movement of her body. I give her a push, so she swings freely while I retrieve the magic wand. I place a blind fold over her eyes, finger her and put my fingers in her mouth. I play with her breasts more and then grasp her nipples with the clamps. She calls out, the tone of her voice somewhere between pain and pleasure. I remove the clamps, giving her a moment of reprieve, and then then clamp them again. I turn on the magic wand to the setting she likes, I penetrate her again, holding the wand against her clit and long stoke her with my cock at a methodical pace. “You belong to me now,” I tell her. “Whose pussy is this?” I ask. “It’s your pussy,” she replies in a muffled pant. “I can’t hear you. Whose pussy?” She speaks up, “It’s your pussy. You own this pussy.” “You’re such a good little slut. Your ass is mine too.”

I pull out a large dildo, lube it up and start to penetrate her pussy. As I stroke her, I can feel her pussy opening wider. Not so gently, I remove her butt plug, lube up the other dildo and work it into her ass. She calls out with an “OHHH!” I feel her ass opening up, adjusting to the size of the dildo. Her ass gets a break as I use the other dildo on her pussy for a moment before going back to her ass with the other.

I stop to give her holes a moment. I kiss her, lick her pussy juice off that dildo, tell her to open her mouth and spit into her mouth. Then I kneel and eat her pussy, giving her a short break from the intensity before I start to double penetrate her with the dildos, working them both fully into her ass and vagina and then alternating thrusting with both. She is moaning. Not a sensual moan. Her moan tells me that she is stuffed to capacity. Then I use the wand as a dildo for her vagina. I press it in and palpate it against her G-spot while penetrating her ass with the dildo. She is gasping and moaning loudly, loses control, squirts all over and there is a lot of lube dripping from her ass.

I untie her from suspension, lay her face down on the bed, put a generous amount of lube on my hand and fist her before taking her ass with my cock. After all the play, her ass is gaping open and feels well used. “I love fucking this loose hole,” I growl in her ear and finish dumping my load in and on her ass. I keep her tied for a moment. Letting the lube and my cum drip from her. “You want to clean up don’t you?” I ask. “Too bad, you can lie there and make a mess. I flip her over on her back, hold her and kiss her. “Such a good slut.”

Epilogue: Yes, I am kinky, and I want to experience more intense BDSM with Red and other partners like Sabrina, who is certainly a kinkster herself. Sabrina has provided me much inspiration and I appreciate her friendship, confidence, and openness. Visit Sabrina’s social media to see her amazing body doing some intense, sexual acts with distinctive, artistic creativity. It warms my heart when women embrace their sexuality. It is authentic role modeling. xo

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