Only She Cums: Male Chastity

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October 29th: This is the last weekend of Locktober, so I planned something erotic for Red.

Her pleasure is the focal point while I am caged, and sex without my cock requires that I am more creative. It was late afternoon and I wanted to have sex before we ate dinner. My plan was to massage her, while she was wearing stockings. Ok…just hear me out on this one.

I prepared the room with the massage table, music to set the mood, and the fragrance of coconut massage oil. Also, I asked her for a pair of waist high stockings. She was a confused with the stockings. “Just trust me. Get naked and sit here on the end of the table,” I directed. She complied. “Give me a foot,” I requested and put the stockings on her, one leg at a time. She pulled them up and I had her lie on her stomach. I was also naked, wearing nothing but my cage. (Have I mentioned that I love the weight of the steel cage? It pulls on my cock and balls.) Starting with her back, shoulders, and neck, I applied coconut oil and took my time giving her sensual massage. Working my way down to her ass, I applied a generous amount of oil directly on the stockings covering her ass and legs. I slid my hands down the back of the stockings, massaging her ass and rubbed the oil into the stockings, squeezing her legs. The feeling of the oil on the stockings was a new sensation for her. After 20 minutes, I got on top of her, lying on her with all my weigh and sliding my chest on her back. She was breathing deeply and started to moan approval.

Changing position, I had her sit up and straddle the table, while I did the same behind her. She leaned back into me while I squeezed and massaged her breast. Lots of oil with both hands, squeezing circles around her breasts, pushing her breasts up, then squeezing them together. I stroked my hands across her abs, and down to her pussy. While still straddling, I pushed her forward, squirted oil down the back of the stockings, putting one hand at the back of her ass and one down the front of her pussy, massaging both holes and her clit. She was grinding on my hands.

Her arousal was building, and she gave plenty of commentary on her pleasure. I had her lie on her back, kissed her deeply for a few minutes before moving down to massage her legs. The stockings were dripping in coconut oil. I tore the stockings open, exposing her toes and feet. I massaged skin on skin and slowly sucked and licked her toes. Let’s just say it was working.

She was moaning so much I knew it was time. I pulled her hips to the edge of the table, ripped the crotch of the stockings, rubbing her vulva and clit and eating her. When I added in a finger, gently stroking her vaginal opening, she started to orgasm. After the first, I fingered her G-spot while eating her and she quickly had 3 more successive orgasms. Her ability to orgasms with little to no refractory period is amazing. After the fourth orgasm, I sucked on her breasts while pressing a palm into her clit and vulva, letting her recover for a moment, then I fingered her hard while choking her. She was moaning again, and I thought she was going to squirt. Fingering her aggressively in a squirting motion is new for us, so I wanted to make sure I not to overuse the technique.

She was still highly aroused and asked me to rub my balls on her vulva and clit. The base ring of the cage pulls the balls forward, making it easy to grasp them and rub them firmly against her. She said she was going to cum again. Nothing better than getting Red on a roll.

As I continued rubbing my balls on her, I thought aloud, “Let me see if I can fuck you with my balls,” and proceeded to shove them into her vagina. She started laughing at the sound of the words, “fuck you with my balls”. Something we had not done before.

We finished the session playing with her ass. I started with one finger, progressed to two, while I fingered her pussy with my other hand. I love that sensation, being in both her vagina and ass at the same time. I can feel her cervix and G-spot through her ass. The female body is so amazing!

Play time lasted an hour and a half and we were both satiated in different ways. Afterward she showered while I made dinner and drinks. She was a happy girl.

Epilogue: When Locktober approaches, I want it and I dread it. Some of my naughty friends enjoy knowing that I get off to their content. I typically getting off three to four times a day. I go from that level of sexual release to no sexual release…other than ass stimulation. The first couple week of chastity is challenging. By the third and fourth weeks, I start to crave it. I love getting her off while I’m locked. We shall see what is in store for Locktobers to come. Maybe she’ll progress to fucking others while I’m locked. That is high on my kink list.

Image: @utoepianfeetdream

Special thanks to my friend Star as the featured model in this story – the perfect eye candy. She has posted content with stockings, so she provided me inspiration for massaging Red with stockings. Thanks Star xo

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