My Cuckoldress

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I had a cuckold experience with Red early in our relationship...

It was a source of turn-on for me in the moment and it still is to this day. Red is quite skilled at tease and denial. Those stories are for another day, and I digress.

Often, I find myself lost in sexual thought…I might be the middle of the day and the next thing I know I am having a fantasy in my mind, not masturbating, just having a fantasy, rock hard, totally in my brain. This cuck story was inspired by conversations I had with my friend Rosie, a.k.a. Ginger Knickers on Only Fans. She has all the trappings of a Hotwife and Cuckoldress:

 You are getting ready for a dick appointment (aka…date with a Bull). You have me locked in a chastity cage, you are wearing new lingerie, and looking sexy as fuck. I catch the scent of perfume that you only wear for him…when I smell it, I know what that means…that you will be getting fucked by his thick cock…all night…while I wait for you…anxious to see you again.

Image: u/ginger_knickers

You have me drive you to him. On the way you tell me to stop at the store and request that I run in to buy him a box of magnum condoms…you like to mind-fuck me. We arrive…you kiss me on the cheek, you say, “Thanks love…I’ll probably be late…I’ll text you when I’m finished…be ready to pick me up.”  

Your call comes at 1:00 am. I come to get you. On the way home you tell me all the nasty things he did to you. You tell me to feel your pussy. I reach over, put my hand between your legs. You are no longer wearing panties. I feel the wetness. “He’s a heavy cummer,” you say. “Didn’t you use the condoms?”, I ask. “No. He doesn’t like them, and I like the feel of his cum,” you reply.

By now I am feeling angsty and turned on. My cock is starting to swell and strain in the cage. As I drive, I shift my hips to adjust the position of the chastity cage. This does not go unnoticed by you. “Is my naughtiness arousing you?”, you tease. I groan. You know how much I want you. Then you stick your fingers in your pussy. “Oh…there’s a lot of cum in there,” and you proceed to put your fingers in my mouth. My gasp of breath and verbal “ughhh”, tell you all you need to know. You whisper in my ear, “I own you”. When we arrive home you put on your sweatpants and tee shirt, kiss me goodnight and go to bed. Ughhh…I’m so in need of an orgasm.

The next day I am hoping you will unlock me. I am so horny and badly want to fuck you. We are on a date, you are all done up, looking so hot. I buy you drinks and dinner; we have great conversation. I pay the check and we exit the restaurant. My arousal builds as I anticipate going home to play, having you unlocking me, and having an intense session of fucking you.

As we wait for the valet to return the car, you get a text…he is asking you to come over. You cannot say no to his cock, great dick game, thick, long, hits different, hits deep, makes your mind go blank. You sweet-talk me. You really need it…you make me drive you there and wait outside…while he fucks you for an hour or two. You come out to the car…drunk on big dick…make-up smeared. You say, “Let’s go home…I need you to sooth my pussy with your mouth…it’s going to be really sore for the next couple days.” I am left wondering if you will unlock me.

The scenarios in my mind are endless. What are yours?

© 2022 Red Hot Red Erotica