More Than Friends: Play Partners

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We met for the first time at an orgy. What happens when you make weekend plans for a second visit?

We met K & M at Desire Pearl last year (see the story “Group Play: When Everyone Gets Some” for details). Red and I have fond memories of that orgy. There are at least two things forever etched in my memory from that experience. First, the look of bliss on Red’s face as she reclined between two male friends, stroking their cocks while another female friend pleasured her pussy; and secondly, playing with K in an MFM scenario where she had multiple orgasms from first time experiences.

That night confirmed for me that I prefer focusing on female pleasure with others, working together to get her off. Gang bang anyone? I had been replaying the orgy in my head for months. I simply needed more of that, so we reached out to K & M to plan a fun weekend visit to their city.

We got in very late Thursday night, by then it was Friday morning. When we arrived at their place, they warmly greeted us, inviting us into their home. It felt like we had never left Desire Pearl. Our energy picked up right where we had left off at Desire. We slept in late that morning. During the day, we had fun riding bikes along the river, hearing each other’s stories, building connections and socializing.

That evening, we headed to an Airbnb for the balance of the weekend. We made dinner together Friday night, enjoying the flirting and teasing as we anticipated the evening activities. The place had an outdoor hot tub, and we were all looking forward to some naked hot tub time, talking about our life experiences and touching each other while enjoying the starry night. At one point, I went inside, which gave Red & K the opportunity to focus expressly on M. Let’s just say the combination of the hot steamy bubbles and the steamy touching made for some lightheadedness. When we were all sufficiently heated and horny, we headed inside for more intentional intimacy.

Red and I slipped under the covers in our bed to stay warm. Moments later, K & M joined us, K slipping under the covers next to me and M snuggling up to Red. There was lots of kissing and fondling. M and I had the ladies lying on their stomachs, M atop Red, me atop K and we massaged and caressed their beautiful bodies.

What amazing asses! Round and voluptuous, there is something about the shape of the female ass that totally turns me on.

Part of the fun with a foursome is observing everyone’s unique play style. In this case, both M and I were of the same mindset, taking the lead, focusing on pleasuring each other’s wife. As M’s hands explored Red’s body, K noticed that M’s cock was rock hard, and he was dripping pre-cum, which she noted with a wicked grin. It was hot seeing him press his cock against Red’s ass as he massaged her.

K has a beautiful body and a very pretty pussy. I could not wait to go down on her again. Slowly I teased her, caressing her inner thighs, and massaging her vulva, building her arousal. I was content to explore how she likes to be touched. Using our favorite lube, I found the right combination of licking her vulva, massaging her G-spot, and sliding my fingers across her clit. My hands and her vulva were slick with lube. I looked into K’s eyes and could see her going inside her body as she began to orgasm. This part really gets my brain off and is my favorite part of sex. She was looking at me, her face, and breasts flushed with arousal, and she rocked her hips back and forth.

She was fucking my fingers. I don’t know how to describe it other than “female orgasm feeds my soul.”

Meanwhile, M had gone down on Red, and he was now using his hands on her pussy. I came over to reconnect with Red, kissing her, asking how she was feeling. She nodded her approval, while she moaned in pleasure from the stroking and movement she was enjoying from M’s expert hands. As K pleasured my cock with her mouth and hands, I enjoyed watching Red and M play. I love seeing Red do her thing and hearing the reactions of her play partner every time, as she caressed and sucked his cock, leaving him gasping in rapture. Adding to my arousal, K voiced a very sexy soundtrack, making noises that told me that she enjoyed having me in her mouth. It’s these little moments that I remember and can recall at any time to take me right back to a pleasurable experience.

When M and I were both ready to finish off our ladies, we swapped back, M fucking K and me fucking Red. We both came hard, as they both gasped and delighted from the full penetration and ability to get us off, and we were spent.

The next morning, Red and I woke to the rhythmic thumping emanating from the bedroom on the level above us. K and M were going at it with a morning session, putting smiles on our faces. Indeed, a delightful way to wake up. Shortly thereafter, we all had a leisurely breakfast together, enjoying the ease of being together and reliving our favorite parts of the prior evening. We then spent the day exploring the forest, hiking up to a beautiful waterfall and taking pictures of the amazing views.



That evening we went out on a double date, taking in the local flavor at dinner and a concert. We got to see one of K & M’s favorite local bands that put on an awesome show covering classics from the 80s and 90s. M and I are both affectionate with our wives, so it was fun to get naughty, swapping dance partners and touching intimately. I wish I could hear the thoughts of those around us as we gave off our not so vanilla vibe. We all danced the night away, which always gets Red in the mood. She loves to dance.

After the show, we returned to our Airbnb, making our way to the bedroom, and played again with different variations and a bit more adventure. K gets off easily and she had multiple orgasms from me eating her and then M fucking her.

She was lying missionary with M penetrating her, while Red and I took turns kissing her and caressing her round firm breasts.

One of the hottest scenes was K riding M reverse cowgirl, while Red was sitting on M’s face and caressing K from behind. M grasped Red’s hips and lost himself in the multisensory pleasure of fucking K and having Red ride his face. Hmmm…Red Rider…maybe an appropriate nick name.

Meanwhile I stood in front of K so she could suck me and then she asked me to fuck her tits. I slathered lube between her breasts and fucked her tits to the cadence of her rhythm of riding M. It was totally hot, as Red watched with admiration and M took in all the sounds. We heard a few muffled sounds emanating from him as Red kept her pussy squarely planted on his face.

I was close to cumming so had to cool myself down to last longer. This was the perfect time to take a generous amount of lube and give K’s vulva and clit a hand job as she slid her hips back and forth on M’s cock.

She got aggressive fucking his cock while I gave her a hand job. At the same time, she wanted my tongue in her mouth, and she just kept cumming.

It was very sexy and intimate. This woman can cum like no one’s business. Honestly that is my favorite part. Like Red, she gets all flushed in the face and goes to another place. Afterward she just wants to be held and bask in the afterglow. We all ended the evening with a sensuous fuck side by side, which topped off an extraordinary weekend.

So, as you might guess, the trip was awesome! Good sexy fun for me and Red to stretch our boundaries, experience new things, deepen our dialogue and understanding of each other, and develop more of a relationship with K and M.

We look forward to future trips with them. Hopefully we can entice them to come visit us for a sexy repeat. xo

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