Making of a Hotwife

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Being a sexual switch, both dominant and submissive,

I am blessed with many kinks and see duality in much of life, especially sex. Hotwifing is one of my biggest turn-ons. As Red and I explore non-monogamy, I am hopeful that she will enjoy the Hotwife dynamic. Our definition of a Hotwife is a married woman who has sexual relationships with other men, either alone, or with her husband present. For some, it may be a one-sided open relationship, meaning the Hotwife is non-monogamous while her husband is monogamous and they both like it this way.

These forms of consensual non-monogamy are nuances of the lifestyle. I am game for all of it. There is something about the “one-sided open” part that really turns me on. I love the unfairness, the power exchange. I have a bit of both sadist and masochist in me.

We have been discussing how she wants to have her first Hotwife experience. I asked Red specific questions about her desires and how she envisions it, and it goes like this…

Red put together a dating bio: “Athletic, fit Hotwife, seeking attractive, intelligent, 35- to 50-year-old single men for loving fun. First getting to know me will likely not include sex. You must be comfortable meeting and socializing with my husband. Play may or may not include him, it depends on what I want. MFM threesomes are focused on my pleasure.”

After posting her profile on dating apps, she had many potential candidates asking for dates. She enjoyed many first dates, with a few men that she has continued to date. Her favorite is worth mentioning.

His name is Anthony. I have met him a few times. He has olive skin, an engaging smile, and dark, sun-streaked hair. Red says he has sexy eyes and loves his long lashes.

She describes him as fun loving, engaging, romantic, and makes her feel both wanted and wanton. As she continues her description of him, I could tell she was getting horny just finding the words. 

“He is athletic, has a sculpted chest, and is nicely hung with a perfectly shaped cock.”

As she finished, I could tell she was drifting off into her thoughts.

It was a first for her that she ended up fucking on a first date…multiple times. That Saturday, they met up at the beach, walking and people watching as they got to know each other. He was asking her about her Hotwife experience and let her know how much it turned him on that she was married and naughty. They were flirting, she was feeling the chemistry and he stopped to kiss her. She liked his assertiveness.

Red went on to tell me about their flirting during dinner. He took her to a trendy restaurant with great food and better drinks. He was asking her questions about her sexual preferences, how she likes to be touched. They sat on the same side of the table. No one could see what was happening under the table as he caressed her…whispering in her ear, “What about if I touch you here?” She could feel herself getting wet. She was feeling bold and reached for his crotch. She liked what she felt, “Mmm…hard, and it feels impressive,” she purred.

When he paid the check and they were leaving, Red was feeling very horny. She noticed the unisex bathroom. She looked and no one was around. She pulled him into the restroom with her. They started kissing passionately. He cupped his hands on her breasts with firm pressure and started to kiss her neck. She reached for his pants, unzipped them, struggling for a second to pull his erect cock out of his pants. She liked the way it filled up her hands. She got down on her knees, put her lips around his cock and started to suck him. Her pussy started to drip.

He pulled her up to kiss her again, lifted her skirt, and slid his hand down her panties. He caressed her vulva and clit as they made out. Red was so wet that his hand now started to glide around her vulva. “You have me primed and ready to fuck,” she whispered in his ear.

“Give me your panties,” he said to her.

She slid them down her legs, grabbed them off her ankle and placed them in his hand. He put them in his pocket. “I’m saving those for later, for when I want to catch your scent because I’m missing your sweet pussy,” he said. He lifted her onto the counter, spread her legs and started to rub the head of his cock on her slick vulva.

Red watched his thick cock pressing into her flesh. She reached down and eagerly pressed it into her hole. “Ah-ah, not so fast,” he teased. He pulled it out and slid it around her vulva some more, slowly rubbing it across her clit. Then he pressed it in just an inch, slowly sliding it out, and pressed it in a few inches further. Her mouth opened and a moan escaped her. He was watching her face and smiled at her reaction. “Oh fuck…you’re thick,” she gasped. He plunged his cock deep inside her, put a hand around her throat and kissed her. She grabbed his hips and he started to fuck her hard. 

Red had no idea how long they were in the restroom, and she didn’t care. She loved the feeling of getting railed by his thick cock. At the same time, he reached down with his fingers and started rubbing her clit as he fucked her. The angle of penetration and the thickness of his head was hitting her G-spot just right. Within minutes she came hard.

Her pussy was very happy. He was getting close to cumming. 

“I want you to cum in my mouth,” she said.

 Red hopped off his cock, got on her knees and finished him off.

They exited the restroom, looking disheveled and pretending to not notice the people now watching them. She smiled, feeling like a slut with no panties, licking her lips and not sure if his cum was on her face. As they left the restaurant they were laughing. The evening had just begun.

He took her to a nearby boutique hotel and they stopped in the bar for a drink. The ocean view and sound of the waves were added ingredients to set the mood for more sex. “I think we need a room,” he suggested. “Yes, I want to ride this stud again,” she replied.

No sooner had the room door shut and they were pawing at each other again. He slowly undressed her, kissing her, biting her neck, and playfully pushing her onto the bed. He massaged her skin all over and went down on her. Next thing she knew, they were in the shower fucking like animals, his thick cock making her cum repeatedly.

She texted me to let me know she would be home the next morning…after her alarm, another wake-up sex session, went off…

Completely turned on, I masturbated and fell asleep wondering what might be happening and looking forward to hearing the details from my Hotwife.

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