For the Love of Bush!

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We had great morning sex. The kind of sex where we are relaxed, totally in our bodies…

...enjoying a slow start with a hard ending.

We were under the covers, staying warm on a cool SoCal morning. Red wore a velvety soft night shirt that comes down mid-thigh. We were spooning as I pulled it up, exposing her backside. I caressed her ass and teased her, gently stroking her pubis, across her vulva and around her perfect ass. I was mesmerized by the feeling of her bush and traced my fingers around her vulva, enjoying the sensation. She started to rock her hips, wanting more. My hand slid across the fabric of her night shirt, caressing her breasts.

We started to kiss. I teased her lips, kissing and sucking them while tracing my finger around her lips and into her mouth and then more kissing and sucking her tongue. We love making out…and taking our time.

She pulled her night shirt off, wanting to feel skin on skin. I was on top of her, and slowly slid down her body, under the covers.

I made out with her breasts, squeezing, gently biting, and sucking her nipples. I surfaced, kissed her again, then slowly slid down under the covers, to her pussy.

I put a pillow under her hips, and spread her legs, fully exposing her vulva. Morning light came though the covers so I could see her body. I love the visual of her form. I teased her inner thighs, softly licked her pussy lips, and rubbed my face across her bush.

“I love the feeling of your bush on my face,” I purred.

I continued teasing her, gently touching, licking her vaginal opening, pressing my tongue into her, so that she could hear the wet sloppy sounds. I kept teasing her, not putting my fingers into her, or letting her cum. Rather just edging her arousal.

When Red’s arousal builds, she feels oral pangs, wanting me in her mouth. She was licking my shaft and balls, slowing sliding the head of my cock into her mouth, so that the ridge popped in and out of her mouth. I placed a hand under her chin, the other behind her head and fucked her mouth, slow and sensual.

She was in a submissive place, wanting to be taken. I moved her body where I wanted her, on her back with her legs spread. I glided my cock across her vulva and clit, in a circular motions, then pressed my cock into her, just a couple of inches before teasing her vulva and clit more. She was more and desirous from the teasing. She wrapped her hands around my waist and pulled my cock fully into her. I pressed my chest into hers, placed my hands on her shoulders, firmly pressing her into the mattress. My long, deliberate strokes increasingly built to hard fucking. In between I would grind my pelvis against her clit. Quiet moans escaped her.

“Mmmm…baby…your pussy feels so good. I can feel you gripping my cock,” I whispered in her ear.

I reached for lube, putting a generous amount in my hand. As I continued to fuck her missionary, I wrapped my hand under her bottom, and slid my fingers back and forth across her clit as I fucked her hard. Her clit was fully erect, and she had waves of orgasms, lasting for minutes.

Pulling her to the edge of the bed, I directed her to put her ass up. I enjoyed the view of her curvy bottom, biting her cheeks, and tonguing her ass before plowing my cock into her. She backed her ass into me, pumping my cock. The visual and the sensation pushed me over the top.

I grabbed her hips and thrust hard, filling her with cum.

I pushed her on the bed, spooning, as my orgasm lingered a few minutes longer. An ideal way to start any day. xo

Epilogue: I’m glad to see women are growing bush again. It seems to be more in style the past few years, which I love. I have encouraged Red to let hers grow and we are both enjoying it.

© 2023 Red Hot Red Erotica