Hot Tub Sex

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Swimming is my favorite workout and always leaves me horny...

especially when doing it with a hot, athletic, fit woman. M is all of that. We’ve known each other for years and we often swim in the same lane. It is a coached workout, with varying strokes, distances, and timed sets. The lane leader is always watching the clock, keeping pace, not a lot of time for chit-chat.

Between sets I noticed the top of M’s two-piece suit had a rather long, tie strap that was dangling in the water…taunting me. I told her I was tempted to pull it. She gave me a flirty smile letting me know that I was a bad boy for having such thoughts. Being the naughty boy that I am, I started fantasizing about what we might do after our workout.

The hot tub is the perfect place to redirect all our sexual tension. The mornings are still cool. The hot water feels good on the muscles after workout. We’re sitting next to each other in the hot tub, shoulder to shoulder. I comment on how appealing she looks in her two-piece. 

“You’d like to peel it off me, wouldn’t you?” she teases.

She faces me and sits on my lap. “What are you going to do?” she flirts. I pull her hips closer, so they’re pressing into mine. She has a sexy smile. I lean forward and kiss her. She kisses me back and we are having a hot tub make out. I suck on her tongue, bite her neck, and slowly pull the long end of the tied strap of her top. “I like when you’re bad,” she whispers in my ear.” I pull off her top and caress her breasts as we kiss.

My cock is hard, and she feels it as she sits on me. She reaches down and grabs me, playfully pulling on it. “Now that you’ve taken off my top, I get to take off your suit,” she says pulling my drawstring undone. I reach to pull them down, as she pulls my cock out.

We kiss more and I start to rub her vulva, then pull her suit bottom aside and find her clit, gently stroking it. 

“M, I want to feel you from the inside,” I tell her as I bite her neck some more.

She reaches down and guides my cock into her pussy. “Ohhh, you feel so good,” I purr into her ear. We kiss, and slow grind as I rub my fingers methodically back and forth across her clit. As she gets more aroused, she starts to hump me more intently. Raising up to the head of my cock and pressing her weight down on my shaft, thumping on my lap.

She wants more vigorous fucking. As I lean back, I put my hands around her waist, pulling her hips tight, helping her get leverage, both rocking our hips forward and back, fucking harder. She likes the pressure on her clit and the feeling of being filled and penetrated. She closes her eyes and I watch her face as she gives me the sweet look of her orgasm. Hearing her moan puts me over the top and I cum with her.

Very satisfying way to end a morning workout. She leaves me wanting to chase her in the water at our next swim workout.

ps: She already got a preview of the story. I’m glad you are feeling sexy and desired, M! The way it should be…enjoying your sexuality.

© 2022 Red Hot Red Erotica