Hot Date with Sabrina

Image: Sabrina Dacos ©

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This story is for my friend Sabrina...

She is a love of a person and for years she has posted creative nude photography of herself. We were chatting, turning each other on, and she inspired this story:

Sabrina, I was viewing your latest picture series wearing purple stockings and it put me into fantasy mode…my mind drifted off creating something on its own. What put me there was the visual of your stockings, triggering a tease and denial effect. I can see you, smell you, touch you… lick you…but just on the surface…the stockings deny me from directly feeling your skin against mine. A great pre-date tease…

I come to pick you up for a date. You invite me in. You are not quite ready to leave. You are still dressing. You have me take a seat. You are wearing the purple stockings and little else. You start to tease me. I can see what is behind the shear stockings. You see the look of desire in my eyes and the subtle shifting of my hips tells you that I want you. You step closer, directly in front of me. “You like that don’t you?”, you say. It is a rhetorical question. We both know my answer, but you want to hear me say it. You repeat, “Don’t you?” I look up at you and reply in a quiet voice, “Yes”. You smile and press your hips closer. “Do I smell good?”, you ask. I am still looking up at you. My eyes fall to your hips. You press them closer. You take up all the space between us. I can smell you…sweet…feminine. I lean forward, softly pressing my face to your pubis…I inhale…a slight moan escapes me. ”Sabrina…you smell so good,” you hear me murmur.

I rub my face across your sex parts…the stockings denying me what I want. I want to wear your scent.

You step back, “sit tight” you say, “I’ll be back in a moment,” and you leave the room. A few minutes later you return, fully clothed. “Ok, let’s go.” You stand at the door. “Where are you taking me?”

My desire for you is ravenous. I love that you are a temptress. I want to focus my arousal on exploring what turns you on and pleasuring you, but you are making me wait. Our destination is a swanky hotel with a chic bar, the vibe is sexy and intimate. We are not there for dinner, just share plates and cocktails. We talk, we flirt, we feel each other’s energy…we kiss. I don’t linger long. I take you to an art gallery around the corner. The works are erotic and seductive combining abstract and real. As we walk through the gallery our bodies touch. With others present, our magnetism is subtle, yet we are dripping with sexual desire, and the artwork is adding more tease. It is time to take you home.

We stand at your door, I kiss you again, deep, and lingering.  

“Before we left you were teasing me with your scent, now I want to taste you,” I say, pulling you close.

You take my hand to pull me inside. We slowly make our way to your bedroom, kissing, pulling at clothing and leaving a trail.

You are wearing nothing except the purple stockings. I look down at the stockings…back up to your beautiful face, “Don’t worry, I’ll buy you new ones…” I push you onto the bed, on your back in missionary position and start to ravish your body, kissing you, biting your neck, pressing my hands into your breast, licking your nipples, making my way down to your pussy. I gently bite at your inner thigh and pubis through the stockings and then rip them open to expose your genitals. Your pussy is dripping so much that your lips are glistening wet. No more tease and denial, I start eating you, licking your labia, sucking your lips into my mouth, pressing my tongue into your vagina to taste more of you.

I want to know your body, what kind of pressure you like, what drives you to orgasm. I move up to kiss you more. What kind of girl are you? Are you too squeamish to kiss me while my face is wet from your sex? No, as we kiss again your fingers are rubbing my face around my mouth that is wet with your sex. You remembered that I said I want to wear your scent, and you are now rubbing it all over my face. “My God, you turn me on Sabrina,” I say as we kiss.

You are grabbing my erect cock, pulling it toward you. I tease the tip a few inches into your glistening pussy and rub it across your clit. You gasp, letting me know you like the teasing. I continue with the teasing until you clearly want more. I look into your eyes, “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” You shake you’re your head yes.

Image: Sabrina Dacos ©

“Sabrina, let me hear you say please.” You give a little gasp, “Please fuck me!”

I rub my cock on your clit some more and slowly plunge it all the way into you. You moan a little as I start a slow grinding rhythm of stroking you while kissing you.

As you lie there, your ass is at the edge of the bed. I have one leg on the floor and the other kneeling on the bed as I fuck you. I put two fingers in your mouth and then rub those fingers on your clit while fucking. I grasp your breast, squeezing firmly and tell you to rub your clit. “Show me how you like to touch yourself.” You reach down and rub your clit for me. I slide my cock out and tell you to finger yourself. I watch as you insert your two middle fingers in your vagina. “Put those fingers back in your mouth,” I say, “I want you to taste yourself.” I press my cock back into you. “Keep sucking your fingers,” I tell you, while I grasp a breast with one hand and your neck with the other hand, choking you. “Close your eyes,” I tell you as I start to fuck you harder.

An orgasm washes over you, your mind is going numb. “That’s it, you’re a slutty girl that needs to orgasm. I like slutty girls Sabrina. You’re my slut tonight.”

I go down on you again. Now it is time for a sensual make our session with your beautiful pussy. “Mmm…Sabrina, you’re all sloppy wet…just the way I like you,” I say as I devour you. I’m sucking your clit in my mouth as I run my tongue across it at the same time with two of my fingers circling your G spot. After a few minutes I feel your vagina start to clench my fingers. Another orgasm is coming and the clenching releases as your pussy opens like a flower.

You are gasping, your mind is blank, your pussy juice is running all over my fingers and face. Your pussy is gaping open.

I pull you up to a seated position on the bed, while standing in front of you, my hard cock inches from your mouth. “You want my cock in your mouth, don’t you?” I ask. You have no words, you take my cock in your mouth, slurping, sucking, you cup and lick my balls and continue sucking me.

I hold your hair, so I can better see your face, with my cock in your mouth. With the other hand I grasp your neck, after a few more strokes on my cock, I bend down and kiss you, sucking your tongue, biting your jawline, then tell you, “I want you ass up head down on the edge of the bed.”

You comply. I kneel and start to eat your ass, biting your cheeks, licking your taint, running my tongue around your rim, and pressing into your hole. More moans escape you. I notice lube on your nightstand. I take some and start to massage my fingers on your asshole and slap your ass hard a few times. You’re not expecting that and jump a little. “I hope you don’t mind a red ass,” I tell you, and slap it some more.

“Spread your ass with your hands,” I instruct you. You reach behind, grasping your ass, spreading your cheeks with your chest and head resting on the bed. “Such a beautiful ass,” I tell you, as I slide my cock back into your vagina. “Keep your hands on your ass,” I instruct you. As I fuck your pussy, I gently press a finger into your ass. I stop stroking, leaving my cock balls deep in you. “Squeeze my finger,” I tell you. After a squeeze I tell you to relax and slide my finger out. “Your ass can take a lot more than a finger, can’t it?” I ask. You shake your head yes. “I want to know how much you can take,” I say as I gently slide in two fingers, then three fingers. Feeling not much protest I slowly slide my whole hand into your ass. You gasp, as I stroke you with my cock in your pussy and my hand in your ass. You lose control and squirt all over me and the bed. I love the warm sensation.

“Such a good slut. You need this don’t you?” You moan. “Tell me you’re a slut,” I instruct.

You moan and whimper, “I’m a slut…”

I love that you’re a slut. Now seeing you in the state you are in, submissive bliss, with your ass up, getting penetrated and fisted at the same time, I feel my orgasm building. The sensation of my hand in your ass pressing against my cock in your vagina, the sight of the soles of your feet, your round, feminine ass, narrow waist, back, and hair splayed on the bed, are all cues that trigger my orgasm. I pump harder, filling you with my cum. I moan your name as intense waves of orgasm hit me. I slide my hand out of your ass and collapse on top of you. I need a moment to enjoy our afterglow.

I am so turned on with your beauty, your sexual prowess, and how much you can take. “Sabrina, I want to play more,” I say, going down on you again. I wonder aloud, “How many more orgasms can we extract from you tonight…”.

© 2022 Red Hot Red Erotica