Group Play: A Tale of Shared Delight

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You know you’re on to something when an orgy is better than any porno movie you’ve seen.

Red and I had incredible experiences at Desire with an amazing group of people. The trip was organized by the Lifestyle social group that we’ve been a part of for the past 18 months. It was great to finally meet people that we’ve been flirting with online.

After seeing hot naked bodies at the pool all day, the first night’s party theme was Latin Lovers. We watched the resort’s professional entertainers put on a sexy performance and we danced into the late evening. We made our way back to our room with thoughts of joining everyone in the naked hot tub to find some playmates. Though, when our clothes came off to change, we never made it out of our room. 

Red was super horny and needed my full attention. With a raging hard on, I was in Dom mode which led to some serious, hard, ragdoll fucking and lots of orgasms for Red. Giving her my full attention primed her for subsequent nights of first-time experiences that stretched her boundaries and took us to new levels of pleasure.

The next day, Red was glowing with sexual confidence, as are most women when immersed in the sexy, naked pool time of the afternoons at Desire. We were invited to join four other beautiful couples for dinner. It is hard to describe the comfort and intimacy that you share with others that you’ve just met in a Lifestyle setting, yet you’ll hear the same from most swingers. Little did we know what was in store for the evening. After dinner, we joined the BDSM themed party. Red with her lace lingerie, fish net body suit, leather, and heels. Me in leather and a chastity cage. I love the shock value of the chastity cage and how it’s a conversation starter, after the initial wide eyes and squeals from the women.

The cage did not stay on long as our next stop was the hot tub to reconvene with the other couples we met for dinner, and then off to the Mansion playroom. You’ll just have to experience Desire in real life to understand the Mansion. Just think opulent sexual experience.

Desire Pearl

Play started with Red recommending that three beautiful women put me on the St. Andrew’s Cross, facing the room. The buxom redhead, the fit goddess and voluptuous Latina proceeded to kiss me, caress my naked body, and take turns licking and sucking my cock and balls as the others watched. It’s extremely challenging to have all that stimulation while having tied hands. Eventually my hands were freed so I could touch all of them.

If you’ve read much of my erotica, then you’ll know one of my favorite sexual activities is eating pussy. I’ve been told I have skills. While others started to play, I was thrilled to kiss and pleasure one of the ladies who has a Hotwife dynamic with her husband. They have great stories, and I was craving some time with her. I lost track of what was happening with everyone else as I feasted on her beautiful pussy and listened to her moans. She returned the pleasure, stroking and sucking my cock as I took in all the other action in the room.

The playroom has three king-sized beds all together like one long bed. One of the ladies was atop another’s husband, rubbing his cock on her vulva, building their arousal. She playfully asked his wife, “may I fuck your husband?” and then proceeded to ride him. Red was busy kissing two other husbands and then went down on both, sucking their hard cocks. Next to them, another wife was orally pleasuring someone’s husband, while she was being sensually touched by one of the other women.

Red had her first experiences kissing and playing with women. One of the ladies went down on her as she reclined, between two gentlemen. She stroked a cock in each hand while another woman kissed her lips and breasts and a soft feminine mouth pleasured her pussy. Considering this was a first, Red jumped right in. The look on her face said it all. She was content.

You might think an orgy would be awkward when transitioning to different partners, yet this orgy could not have been more perfect with the flow of rhythm and energy. I saw the opportunity to pleasure the beautiful little blond in the room. First, I washed my hands and face to protect her vaginal flora, then devoured her beautiful pussy as she reclined on her back and stroked another cock with her hands.

One of my desires has been to have a woman sitting on my face while another is pleasuring my cock.

I had her kneel between the legs of one man and pleasure him while I lie beneath her, so she was sitting on my face, and I ate her. Then Red came and sucked my cock while another was caressing her. I felt the movement of the beautiful blond sucking the other cock. Each stroke of her head on his hard cock came through her hips, pressing on my face. She started to moan from the stimulation of my mouth on her pussy, and he started to moan from her mouth on his cock. With her on my face, my moan was more of a hum, which she could feel like a vibrator.

That sensation was pure bliss, feeling the connection of multiple people. The combination of the erotic audibles and Red pleasuring me took a lot of concentration to not cum in her mouth. I wasn’t ready for my climax.

This was the perfect opportunity to experience another long-time fantasy. The beautiful blond rode reverse cowgirl on another cock while I kissed her and rubbed her clit and vulva.

Red and I use a lube called Slippery Stuff that is great for vulva play. I used it on my little blond friend, and its super slick texture had my fingers gliding over her clit and vulva while she rode his cock. She hugged me, bracing as a strong orgasm washed over her body.

We weren’t finished yet. I had the two of them spoon. He slow fucked her from behind as I went down on her, licking her labia and clit.

That was a first for her and me. I got to blow her mind and made a very good friend.

There was lots of other petting, stroking, and fucking happening. Red and I outlasted everyone. After washing my face and hands again, our evening ended with me going down on Red and giving her multiple orgasms and then fucking her until I had mine. That was one super intense orgasm. Whew…what a memorable night!

Epilogue: The next day there was bliss all around. Both Red and I received passionate hugs and appreciation from the group. The little blond thanked me for taking care of her (let’s call her “K”). I’m certainly not God’s gift to woman, but I want to be a gift to women. I love female pleasure, helping a woman get into her body and fully enjoy her sexuality. Red has not experienced the MFM threesome yet. I’m looking forward to giving her the “K” treatment soon… xo

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