Hotwife Desires

My dick is average.

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Every girl I have dated has talked about their Ex with the big dick. It is such a turn on to me, to listen to women talk about their big dick experience. It is always the same, they almost get quiet, the thought of it is clearly taking them there, almost in a trance. The words become almost a whisper…” He…had…a big…dick.” They almost get flushed saying it. Clearly, they miss the big dick. It is sooo fucking hot. There is nothing hotter to me than seeing a woman get turned on, in the throes of passion, fucking, and climaxing. I do not mean to put pressure on you ladies but…yeah…more female orgasm!

Back to the nature vs. nurture question, I have had kinky itches for my whole life. When Red Hot Red and I first started dating, we lived in different cities and would stay with each other on the weekends. Before we were exclusive, we met up one Saturday afternoon and we started to get intimate. Though, something was different. She was guarded which seemed unusual. As I absolutely love to do, I started to go down on her. She awkwardly pulled away. This was unusual because she really loved that I would eat her, and she would always climax. I instinctively knew that she had been with another guy, and she did not want me to put my face in it. This made me want her even more and I wrapped my arms under her legs, pulled her pussy to my face ate her like I meant it. I really did not notice anything different, like cum in her pussy or being all stretched out. 

Everything was ok, she relaxed, she came, and we had fun.

I did not ask her about it, and she did not say anything. Though, after we were married, I found out that yes, she had fucked another guy that she was also dating before she saw me that Saturday. She also shared with me that he was really hung. When she confessed that to me, her voice waivered, like she was getting weak in the knees just saying it. “He had a big dick,” the words hung on her lips. 

I so badly want to see her fuck a big cock. I want to see her get lost in it…whimpering…gasping…loving it…needing it. I love sluts. I love when women are free to embrace their sexuality. It is intoxicating to me. I believe every girl deep down is a size queen or is at least turned on by the thought. They should get what they need. My Hotwife desires are always there…and I cannot explain why. We do not choose our turn-ons. Our turn-ons choose us. 

© 2022 Red Hot Red Erotica