High School Love or Just Hot Sex

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I had a hiatus…

choosing to go to an all-male religious high school… what was I thinking!? By my junior year I started dating another slut and lost my virginity. She was insatiable and wanted to fuck all the time. She had DD breasts and a nonstop vagina. I would eat her, and she would cum her brains out, we would fuck and she would cum her brains out more. She loved anal too. 

For Home Coming (high school formal), we skipped the dance, went straight to the pay by the hour motel, with a heart shaped bed and mirrors on the ceiling (all her idea). We fucked 4-hours straight. I came four times. I cannot count how many times she came. When she had her period, she absolutely had to fuck. I had blood on my face, dick, and hands countless times. 


She told me about losing her virginity at a younger age. She detailed that his cock was huge. He fucked her pussy, he fucked her ass, she had the big dick experience. I loved hearing her talk about it. I wanted to see her fuck that big dick.

When I told Red Hot Red about losing my virginity, she said, “So you’ve never fucked a virgin?” My first thought and the words out of my mouth were, “Why would I want to fuck a virgin?”

© 2022 Red Hot Red Erotica