Female JOI: Her Bus Ride to the Beach

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Prologue: Recently, a friend shared what she fantasizes about when she masturbates. I prompted our conversation with my desire to write “JOI” (jack off instructions) for women. Male JOI is a prevalent form of female content creation. I’ve enjoyed several of them, so the appeal of creating such content resonates with me. It is satisfying and powerful to get someone off. This story is not specifically an instruction, but my intent is to create space for women to masturbate as they read. I need to create some audio…

She was feeling like she had missed out.

“If there was any time to take a chance, to hook up with an attractive foreign guy on our girls’ Europe trip, last night was probably it,” she thought. Her friends had stayed out late with a group of guys they met while enjoying night life. She was feeling tired, so decided to go back to her hotel. From the group text this morning, they had stayed with the guys overnight and were sharing their sexploits. “Ughhh…why didn’t I stay with them last night. Of course, they’re going to torture me with details. I deserve it,” she scolded herself.

The girls had planned to meet up at the beach. She was getting ready, gathering her beach bag, and dressing in her black bikini, cover-up, and sandals. “If I didn’t get any action last night, at least I’ll feel sexy going to the beach”, she self-sympathized. Admiring herself in the mirror, she turned to check out her ass. She gave it a slap, turning herself on. “I’m sure there will be hot guys at the beach,” she thought, raising an eyebrow at her reflection.

She was out the door and waiting for the bus that would take her to the local beach where she would meet up with her girlfriends. The bus arrived. As she stepped on, she realized the bus was crowded. She made her way on, looking for a place to sit. As she walked past an empty seat, she realized there were more people coming on the bus behind her, prompting her to go further back. Stranding in front of her, she looked into the eyes of an attractive man.

He had dark silky hair, deep brown eyes, a square jaw, and a fit build.

In a moment she gazed into his eyes and glanced at him up and down. He wore a loose-fitting shirt and swim shorts. “Wow! He has great legs,” she flirted in her mind. As her focus paused on his shorts, she was caught off guard by the distinct outline of his cock. Her mind was processing what she was seeing. “Oh my…he’s really, big. Wait…is he hard?!,” she marveled. Now she was self-conscious that she was meat gazing. She looked back at his face. He smiled at her. “Hi,” she said, smiling back. She blushed knowing that he saw her checking him out.

As the bus started to move, more people were settling behind her. She stood facing the hot guy, feeling a little awkward. He took the edge off, asking which beach she was going to. As they spoke, more people were getting on the bus, pressing in behind her. She was unsteady as the bus navigated the narrow and winding road.

Smiling at her, he said, “If it helps, turn around, you can lean into me,” he offered. “Ok,” she said turning her back to him and grasping the overhead handrail. As the bus proceeded, the momentum shifted her weight against him. “That’s it,” he said, placing a hand on her hip. He held his hips firmly in place, so her ass was resting against him. More people had squeezed on and she had nowhere to go. As the bus turned, she grasped his hip with one hand while holding the handrail with the other.

She could feel his cock pressing into her backside. She still couldn’t tell if he was hard, or just that large.

She leaned back into his chest as the bus bumped along. She heard him say, “Mmm…” “What?” She asked. “You smell good,” he said. 

She was feeling very horny. Her heart was speeding up and her pussy was wet. She was feeling confident and reached back to grasp him. “Oops,” she said as she cupped her hand under his balls, slowly sliding up his shaft. He was thick and she could feel his erection growing. She tried to slide her hand down his shorts. He pulled the drawstring loose, allowing her free access.

While grasping his cock, she took her other hand off the handrail to reach under her beach cover-up and pulled her bikini bottoms aside. She discretely pulled his cock out, sliding it between her cheeks, resting against her pussy. He pressed his hips firmly against her, concealing the visual of what was happening. Now he was rock hard, his cock between her legs. She looked down and could see the head of his cock pressing into the frontside of her cover-up. She needed to lean forward a few inches, giving him space to slowly slide into her pussy. She was dripping wet as his cock pressed into her vagina, stretching her open, and pulling her clit closer to her vaginal opening. She was getting a lot of stimulation with little effort, and a moan escaped her. As the bus continued to shift to-and-fro, he slowly fucked her. He was subtle, using the motion of the bus to grind on her. He nuzzled his lips on her neck and whispered in her ear, “Such a naughty girl.”

The slow motion was teasing her pussy. She lost track of time, was lost in her pleasure, and badly wanted to cum. The bus driver announced that they were approaching the beach where she was meeting her friends. They pressed against each other as most of the people exited the bus.

“Stay on the bus, I’ll make you cum,” he whispered in her ear.

She leaned back into him, showing her approval. There were now only a few people at the front of the bus as it started to move to the next destination.

He reached his arm around, firmly grasped her breasts, kissed her neck, and started to fuck her harder. His cock felt like the perfect fit, stretching her open and hitting her G-spot. She felt her arousal building. He slid a hand down her bikini bottom to rub her clit while penetrating her.

Her focus narrowed, she was no longer aware she was on the bus, she was cumming hard.

She felt exhausted just trying to stand. The sensations continued from deep inside her. He started to moan softly. She realized he was going to cum. She wanted him to fill her.

“Cum in my pussy,” she pleaded. Her words put him over the top. She could feel his hot cum deep inside her.

After composing themselves, he helped her navigate to the beach where she met her friends. All the while his cum filled her bikini bottom and dripped down her leg. She made sure to get his number as she said goodbye, then ran to her friends to share her own sexploit. “Success,” she mused.

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