DMs with a Friend

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The fantasies that run through my mind have recurring themes.

My friend Rosie posted something about sexual humiliation and female domination, which started a DM exchange between us. “Your questions and thoughts about humiliation…you have me in a bit of a submissive mind set and fantasizing,” I wrote. “Your fantasy is getting me wet,” she shared.

You tell me that you have an appointment to get fucked. You instruct me to undress and proceed to lock me in chastity. You take my hand, lead me into the bedroom and have me to sit on the bed. “Do not move,” you instruct. You leave the room.

I hear you talking, then you come back in the room with an attractive, well-built man. You look in my eyes. You tell me that you are now going to get what you need and tell me I must watch. You start kissing him, or rather he is kissing you. You are horny and clearly aroused. He is fondling you, undressing you, you start to undress him. You reach down his pants, you gasp with surprise, you are pleased. You pull off his boxers, revealing a cock the size of your favorite dildo. You go down on him, licking his cock, sucking it, and making it erect. Just the head fits in your mouth. You are dripping wet.

You grab his cock and walk toward me, pulling him behind you. You bend over, put your hands on my legs, turn your head and tell him to fuck you. He rubs his hard cock on your vulva, you are looking at me, you start to pant. He grabs your hips, pressing his cock into your wet vagina, your eyes go wide, you gasp, your eyes close and you exhale in a moan. He is slowly thrusting in, not all the way, your pussy needs to adjust. With each thrust he goes deeper, hitting the spots that you need, stretching you, filling you.

You push me back so I’m reclining. You straddle me at the edge of the bed, doggy style, and he stands behind you, fucking you. You kiss me, your hair drapes across my face, your breasts slap my chest with each of his thrusts. You put your head next to mine, ear to ear, your face pressing into the bed, you are panting, your pussy has fully opened, and his cock is pounding you, hitting everything you need, you cum hard, you cum long, you shake, your mind goes blank, he fills you with his cum.

You are flushed, sweating, and satisfied. You lay down next to me, spread your legs, and say, “Mmmm, you need to clean me…get your mouth on it.” You have me in subspace…I have no choice but to do as you say, to please you. You close your eyes and smile.

© 2022 Red Hot Red Erotica