Cum Play

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Ninety-nine percent of the time, I cum inside Red.

I’m not sure why, maybe just a natural preference for us. While we were playing this morning, I was overcome with the urge to blast all over her tits.

My alarm went off and I was going to go work out. I ended up going back to bed, nuzzling up to Red, and pressing my hard cock against her warm ass. She backed her ass into me, then pulled my erect cock between her legs, grinding it against her vulva and clit.  I rubbed her tits and kissed her neck. We were both aroused, though she had to go pee, so she stuffed her pillow between my legs and told me to hump it while I waited.

By the time she was back at the bathroom sink, washing her hands, I was behind her. I stroked my cock with lube, then slide it back between her legs, gliding across her vulva and clit. She leaned over the sink, moaning, as she tried to finish brushing her teeth. I barely gave her time to rinse before sliding my cock into her pussy, grasping her hips and fucking her. As she bent over, her loose nightgown did little to conceal her tits. As I fucked her harder, my hips thrusting against her round ass, the vanity mirror gave me a great view of her tits, swinging and bouncing from the fucking I was giving her. The sight of her beautiful globes of flesh gave me the instant desire to cum all other them.

I took her back to the bed, had her lie back with her hips pulled to the edge of the bed, where I was standing. We kissed deeply, then I went down on her, using a generous amount of lube, I used my mouth and face to stimulate her, licking and sucking her vulva and inner thighs. Red loves when I use my mouth and fingers to stimulate her inner thighs, vulva and clit at the same time. Hitting multiple erogenous zones pushes her climax over the top. I pursed my lips around her clit, creating suction, while pressing my tongue sideways across her erect clit, and fingering her G spot. I ate her pussy like a champ and was rewarded with her having three orgasms. When she gets like that, her refractory period is maybe 30 seconds before she’s cumming again, her pussy trying to push my fingers out and I firmly press them back in.

After she cums, she is eager to have my cock in her mouth. I held her hair in a ponytail, watching her suck my shaft and lick my balls. I instructed her to lie down, pulled her hips to the edge of the bed in missionary position and fucked her, while standing one foot on the floor and the other on the bed. I love watching my cock plunge into her pussy, and pause periodically to rub the head of my cock on her vulva and clit.

As I approached peak arousal, I had her sit up and came all over her tits. A spurt on her left tit, a spurt on her right tit, and more on her upper chest. I rubbed my cock on her tits and nipples to prolong my orgasm. She sat there, cum on her tits and cum dripping down between her breast to her pussy. She was a beautiful, hot mess.  

© 2022 Red Hot Red Erotica