Build Her Arousal

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I am working on a few fantasy stories with naughty friends,

though Red and I are having a lot of good sex lately, and you know, I must share.

Saturday morning, I was inspired by one of my favorites, Star, posting a pic of herself lying on her bed, a bottle of oil beside her. No doubt, her hubby was at the ready to pleasure her. I am always inspired by Star’s sexuality. Upon seeing her post, I instantly concluded that Red was getting that treatment tonight. I shared Star’s post with Red and let her know what she could expect later.

She wasted no time getting to our bedroom in the evening. I had massage oil at the ready and turned on some mood music. She lie naked, on her stomach as I rubbed my hands across her body, stopping to squeeze and caress each part. She loves when I suck on her toes, slow and sensual, as I rub her feet. Specifically, the feeling of my tongue on the pads of her toes. I finished a once over on her body, lay on top of her, and repeated the process, this time with oil and spending more time on each part of her body. As I massaged her genitals, I ate her ass, biting her ass cheeks and inner thighs and making out with her asshole. She loves the sensation of my facial stubble rubbing across her skin.

While eating her ass, I stroked my cock hard,

instructed her to get her ass up with her knees splayed wide and I massaged my cock across her vulva before slow fucking her. Switching positions, I turned her on her back, and we continued fucking and grinding, while we made out passionately and I caressed her breasts.

Her arousal was building with the massaging and slow fucking. That was my queue to fuck her more aggressively. A more assertive, steady pounding of her pussy. The look on her face, the flush of her skin are signs to dominate her more. Her arms are in a “hands-up” position on the bed, not quite over her head but more to the sides. I pin her arms against the bed with my hands in a kind of push up position.

She is pinned firmly with the weight of my body restraining her arms, my knees are under her legs, pushing them up, and I am leveraging my hips firmly against hers to penetrate her pussy hard. I am not a big fan of jackhammering fast, but rather a methodic and firm pounding of her pussy, thump… thump… thump.

The combination of the hard fucking and being pinned in place, makes her feel submissive and used.

The look on her face says it all, she is submitting, letting herself go. When she gets to that point, I go down on her, eating her pussy, sucking her clit, and fingering her G-spot. She lights up with three or four big climaxes in a row, grunting and moaning. She is going off for two to three minutes straight. I follow this with sucking her breast and more deep kissing.

After she cums she wants my cock in her mouth. I sit back on my heels, and watch as she sucks, kisses, and caresses my cock, balls, and taint. Her mouth feels incredible. She mounts me. I am kneeling, sitting on my heels, leaning back on my hand while she straddles and fucks me, doing all the work. There is something about this position, kneeling back on my heels, that feels amazing. I let her edge me until she tires. Then I am back on top of her, missionary and finishing with a mind-blowing orgasm, filling her with my cum.

Next post, I promise more kink. xo

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